What Information Do You Need to Expunge Your Record in Chicago?

If you’re like many people, if you want to expunge or seal your record in Cook County. However, it’s important that you know not everyone qualifies to do so.

You can take our simple questionnaire to determine whether you qualify for expungement in Chicago or you can review the following checklist before calling a Chicago expungement attorney

How to Gather Documents for a Chicago Expungement

You’ll need your entire criminal history before you can petition the court for expungement. If you are unable to gather all the required documents, your lawyer may be able to run a complete background check for you.

What Information Do You Need?

You’ll need the following information for each arrest on your record:

  • The case number
  • The date of your arrest
  • The name of the arresting agency
  • The charges brought against you
  • The disposition in the case (the disposition is the final outcome of the case)
  • The date each case was completed (such as the date your probation ended)
  • The “chief legal officer of the unit of local government that affected the arrest”
  • The state’s attorney or the prosecutor that prosecuted your case

Can You Expunge Convictions?

There are very few convictions that can be expunged from a criminal record. You’ll have to talk to your Chicago expungement lawyer to determine whether your record qualifies for expungement; if it doesn’t, you could still be eligible for criminal record sealing

Special Circumstances

You won’t be able to expunge your record if you’re in the middle of a case (one that doesn’t have a final deposition yet).

However, if you’re an honorably discharged veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces, you may be able to expunge certain Class 3 or Class 4 felonies.

Do You Need Help Expunging or Sealing Your Record in Chicago?

If you need help with an expungement or sealing, call a Chicago expungement lawyer as soon as possible.

You can call us at 847-920-4540 or get in touch with us online to discuss your eligibility and options – we’re always here to help.