Why Should I Seek an Expungement?

My clients are often deterred by how long the expungement/sealing process may take in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.  Often, I get calls when a person has been offered a job position pending a background check.  Typically, the person on the other line hopes I can clear his or her record in a matter of weeks, if not days, due to the pre-employment screening.  Please do not be one of these unfortunate few — act now to expunge your past and expand your future!  While the process may initially seem daunting (I tell clients the process may take anywhere between three and six months), acting sooner, rather than later, will absolutely benefit you.

There are several reasons to petition for an expungement or sealing.  As stated above, expunging or sealing your record eliminates the potential for denial of employment.  Employers often perform a criminal background check on job candidates. Especially in today’s struggling job market, employers may reject a candidate with a criminal background of any sort (yes, even if your case was dismissed).  My clients are often qualified applicants who come to me shortly after rejection from an employer based on a background check.

Having a criminal background may also impact your ability to secure housing. Eliminate the uncomfortable need to explain yourself to a potential landlord who has viewed your application for tenancy. Most renters ask prospective tenants to submit to both a credit and criminal background check prior to making housing available.  Typically, the prospective tenant is required to explain any criminal charges, and the landlord reserves the right not to rent to a tenant based on the results of a background check.

Also, but not often considered, is the fact that a conviction that would otherwise be eligible for expungement may no longer be expunged if the person is later convicted of a felony or misdemeanor.  In this vein, it is also important to prevent a prosecutor from viewing your criminal history when considering bail or charging issues.  Should you be charged with a criminal offense after prior offenses have been expunged, the expunged offenses will not be accessible. For a free and confidential case review, call Xpunge Chicago today — (847) 920-4540