The New Sealing Law Has Finally Gone Into Effect!

For months, I have been telling my clients about HB 3061, now widely known as “the Illinois sealing bill”.  In essence, HB 3061 expands the pool of offenses eligible for sealing.  Just last week, Governor Pat Quinn signed HB 3061, which immediately went into effect.  Under this new law, several non-violent felonies have been added to the list of offenses for which records may sealed.  The offenses include retail theft, forgery, possession of burglary tools and possession with intent to manufacture or deliver a controlled substance.

If your criminal background is hindering your job prospects and life opportunities, call Xpunge Chicago today for a free case review.  Illinois’ new sealing law may enable your chances of getting back on your feet and contributing to your community.

With the passage of this new law, one offense will no longer become a life-long barrier.  Call Xpunge Chicago today! (847) 920-4540.