Information You Need to Expunge Your Record in Chicago

If you’re like many people with a few smudges on your criminal record, you’re wondering whether an expungement can give you the fresh start you deserve… but where do you even begin to get your criminal record expunged?

What is Expungement?

A criminal record expungement allows you to get a fresh start. It means your criminal record essentially disappears; the agencies that keep a record on you destroy it. (Did you know there are three secrets most expungement lawyers won’t tell you?)

What You Need for Criminal Record Expungement in Chicago

You’ll need to collect a significant amount of information if you want your criminal record expunged. Many people opt to ask their expungement lawyers to conduct a criminal background check instead of hunting down all the information on their own, which can be time-consuming and costly.

The information you’ll need for each arrest includes:

  • Case number
  • Date of the arrest
  • Law enforcement agency that arrested you
  • Charges that the state brought against you (if there were any)
  • The final outcome of each case, which is commonly referred to as the disposition in legal terms (dispositions can include terms such as nolle prosequi, supervision or probation
  • Date each case was completed (such as the date your supervision or probation ended, if you were sentenced to either)
  • The name of the chief legal officer of the unit of local government that affected your arrest
  • The name of the state’s attorney or prosecutor who prosecuted your case

You may need to go to the police department, the county sheriff’s office, or the clerk of the circuit court where the state handled your case to get this information. In some cases, information is located at multiple agencies, and it can be tough to track down; that’s why many people choose to ask their attorneys to perform a criminal background check.

Do You Qualify for Expungement in Chicago?

Take our quick quiz to find out whether you’re eligible for expungement in Chicago or the suburbs. If you’re not sure, call us at 847-920-4540 for your free expungement case review. We’ll be glad to help you get on the path to a fresh start.