Can You Seal Aggravated Assault in Illinois?

In the state of Illinois, you can expunge or seal criminal records and get a fresh start. Though few offenses qualify for expungement, many – including convictions – qualify for sealing. However, some crimes must remain on your criminal record forever – you can’t expunge or seal them. But can you seal an aggravated assault conviction? This guide explains.

Though you can seal many convictions, violent crimes are not among them. Aggravated assault is one of the crimes that must remain on your criminal record. 

Aggravated assault is the crime of assault under certain circumstances, including when the victim has certain characteristics, such as a physical disability or is of an age greater than 60, is a teacher or school employee on school grounds, or a community policing volunteer, private security officer or utility worker. It can also occur if a person is “on or about” a public way, a sports venue, or in a church or religious facility. It also occurs when the perpetrator uses a firearm, device or motor vehicle. 

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When you’re convicted of aggravated assault, you can be sentenced to prison time. And even after you’ve served your time, you cannot erase it from your criminal record.

However, if you have other offenses on your criminal record, they may be eligible for sealing or expungement. The best way to determine which offenses on your criminal record are eligible for sealing or expungement is to get a complete copy of your entire criminal record and consult with an attorney. Your attorney can look at your record and explain which offenses have to remain on it and which are eligible for criminal record clearing.

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