Who Can See Expunged Records in Illinois?

Many Chicagoans have criminal histories – and too few take advantage of our state’s expungement law. Expungement can clear your record and give you the fresh start you deserve.

But how does it work, and who can see your expunged records in Illinois?

Who Can See Expunged Records in Illinois?

Criminal record expungement results in your arrest and court files being completely erased. The public can’t see them because the records are destroyed or returned to you.

What About Sealed Records?

If you don’t qualify for expungement, you may still qualify for criminal record sealing. If that’s the case, the agencies that have the records maintain them – but most people won’t have access to them. (Law enforcement will still be able to see them, as will some employers, such as nursing homes, hospitals, and the military.)

How Do I Know if I’m Eligible for Expungement?

You’re only eligible for expungement if you haven’t been convicted of a crime (with some exceptions, such as veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces who were honorably discharged) or if you’ve been sentenced to some types of probation or supervision.

You can check your eligibility for expungement here

Even if it doesn’t seem like you’re eligible for expungement or sealing, it’s a good idea to talk to a Chicago expungement lawyer who can get the specifics on your criminal record and determine whether you could qualify.

How to Prevent People From Seeing Your Criminal Record

Because having a criminal record can harm your ability to take out a loan, find a good place to live, or get a job, it makes sense to talk to a lawyer who’s familiar with the expungement process as soon as you can.

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