3 Reasons to Seal Your Criminal Record

If you’re not eligible for criminal record expungement, you could still be eligible for sealing – and if you are, it may be worth considering.

3 Reasons to Seal Your Criminal Record

When your criminal record has publicly available information in it, some employers, lenders, and landlords may be able to see it and hold it against you. Even if you don’t think that’s important today, you may in the future – and that’s why it makes sense to expunge or seal your criminal record as soon as possible if you’re eligible.

Reason #1 to Seal Your Criminal Record: Housing

Landlords can run criminal background checks when they’re deciding whether to let you live in an apartment or house that they own. That’s also true when you’re applying for public housing. When your record is sealed, though, most landlords won’t have access to it… and they won’t be able to judge you based on your criminal history.

Reason #2 to Seal Your Criminal Record: You’re a Higher Risk to Lenders and Possibly Insurance Companies

Lenders and insurance companies are really good at determining risk when they’re choosing their clients. If you have a criminal record, these companies could consider you a higher risk than someone with no criminal history; when they think you’re a higher risk, they may charge you more interest or quote you higher rates.

Reason #3 to Seal Your Criminal Record: Work

Employers are often allowed to do background checks on people they’re considering hiring. If your criminal history pops up, it could cause a potential employer to decide against hiring you.

Do You Need to Talk to a Criminal Record Sealing Attorney?

Many people find that it’s tremendously helpful to have a criminal record sealing attorney on their side. Your lawyer can file the right petitions and help ensure that the court is aware that you deserve the fresh start criminal record sealing can provide.

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