How Does the Expungement Process Work in Chicago?

The expungement process can be a little more complicated than it looks in Chicago and elsewhere in Illinois.

While it’s simply a matter of paperwork in the beginning, it can be tough tracking down your criminal record (which you’ll need to do if you want to apply for expungement). Many people hire an attorney for background checks, but even if you don’t, you still have a few more steps to complete the expungement process.

How Does the Expungement Process Work?

Before you can petition the state of Illinois for a criminal record expungement, you’ll need to find your criminal record… your entire criminal record. Arrests, court proceedings and judgments all count toward whether you’re eligible for expungement

Once you have your entire criminal record, you can file paperwork with the court as a petition to give you a fresh start. Most people choose to work with a lawyer who understands the expungement process and who can defend them in the event of an objection.

What is a State’s Objection During the Expungement Process?

The state’s attorney may object to your criminal record expungement. If that happens, it doesn’t mean that you’re out of luck.

It does mean that your attorney may be able to request an expungement hearing. That means a judge will hear your case—and the state’s attorney’s case—and make a final determination on whether you may have your criminal record expunged.

What if the State Objects to Your Expungement?

As you work your way through the expungement process, your attorney will ask you questions and uncover all the facts. He’ll get to know you and will be able to argue on your behalf at your hearing; that means he can show the judge why you deserve a fresh start.

While there’s no guarantee on the way a judge will rule, many people find that it’s beneficial to work with a Chicago expungement lawyer during the process.

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