Can Someone You Date Pull Up Your Criminal History?

Is it possible for anyone off the street to pull up a criminal history report on you? What about someone you’re dating? And if someone were to pull up your records, what would they find? This guide explains how background checks work in Illinois and what you can do to clear your criminal history if necessary.

What is a Criminal History Report, and Why Would Someone Want to Pull One Up on You?

A criminal history report, also known as a background check or rap sheet, is an official record of any arrests and convictions you may have. When employers run background checks on potential employees, they’re typically looking for information about felonies and misdemeanors that could indicate whether the person might be suitable for the job.

When it comes to dating someone, many people are curious about a partner’s past as well. It’s completely understandable to want to know if the person you’re romantically involved with has any convictions in their past that could affect your relationship or even endanger you and your family.

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How Can You Get a Copy of Your Own Criminal History Report?

The Illinois State Police maintains a website where you can easily request your criminal history report. You must provide basic information such as name, date of birth, and Social Security number in order to perform the search. The cost is $16.

What Information Will Be Included in a Criminal History Report?

Your criminal history report will include any arrests or convictions that have been reported to the Illinois State Police. This includes felonies and misdemeanors, as well as any civil matters such as orders of protection or child support payments that have been reported to the agency.

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Can You Clear Your Criminal History Report in Illinois?

Yes, it is possible to clear your criminal history report in Illinois. Depending on the type of offense, you may be able to have your record expunged or sealed. Expungement means the records are destroyed, while sealing means the records remain on file but can’t be accessed by anyone except those working for the justice system in an official capacity and a select few employers and others. To find out more about clearing your records, contact a Chicago expungement attorney at 847-920-4540 now.

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