When Do You Need a Background Check Lawyer in Chicago?

Lots of people conduct background checks; potential employers, landlords and others want to know who you are and what you bring to the table.

Unfortunately, what they find can send them running in the other direction.

Do you know exactly what’s on your criminal record?

When Do You Need a Background Check Lawyer in Chicago?

If you suspect that there might be a few blemishes – or if you know there are a few blemishes – on your criminal record, you might consider hiring a background check lawyer to find out exactly what they are.

In some cases, a background check lawyer can perform the groundwork that lets you petition the court for an expungement of your record. Remember, though, not everyone is eligible for expungement. (You can answer a few simple questions on our Am I Eligible for Expungement? questionnaire to find out whether it’s an option for you.)

Do People Need My Consent to Run a Background Check in Chicago?

For the most part, an employer or property owner needs to ask for your permission to conduct a thorough background check. He or she will be able to gather some information without your consent, such as items that are a matter of public record or things that you’ve put out there yourself (Facebook posts and Twitter feeds are often more telling than we intend them to be).

What Comes Up on an Illinois Background Check?

A thorough Illinois background check will show arrests, convictions and sentences. That means even if you were not convicted of a crime, someone conducting a thorough background check may be able to see that you were arrested.

Some employers may deny you a job opportunity, and some landlords may choose another tenant. While that’s not fair – particularly if your criminal record is old and you’ve made changes for the better – it still happens.

If you are eligible for expungement, you may be able to erase your criminal record so that it will not come up in background checks conducted in Chicago or the rest of Illinois. In cases such as these, many people find that it’s a good idea to work with a Chicago background check attorney who also helps with expungements and criminal record sealing.