In the News: Expungement Backlog Puts People’s Lives on Hold

In the state of Illinois, you’re allowed to expunge certain arrests and charges – and even some convictions – from your criminal record. Expungement is like a fresh start for many people; it’s a process that requires law enforcement agencies to destroy your records or return them to you.

When you expunge your record, it’s like nothing ever happened.

But in recent months, cases have been slipping through the cracks. The courts cite logistical problems, such as staffing shortages and other long-term effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Attorney Matthew M. Fakhoury told the Chicago Tribune, “We’ve seen a breakdown in this process at almost every step.”

Learn more about the delays some people are experiencing in the expungement process – and what Attorneys Matt Fakhoury and Colleen LeFevour are doing about them – here.

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