3 Things You Need to Know About Expungement

3 Things You Need to Know About Expungements:

A blemish on your criminal record can stay forever – and it can damage your chances of getting a job, a security clearance or even credit. Mistakes made in the past should remain in the past, but most people need the help of an attorney to ensure that they stay there. If you intend to have your record expunged in Chicago, there are three key things you need to know: what it means, how it’s done, and what happens the next time your background is checked.

What Does it Mean to Have Something Expunged?

When something is expunged from your record in Illinois, it basically disappears. It can’t come back to haunt you later, but it does take hard work and in many cases, legal red tape that can hold up the process. Not all offenses qualify for expungement, so it’s best to talk to your lawyer about the specifics of your case.

How Are Records Expunged in Illinois?

Through a series of complex forms and one or more court appearances, your Chicago criminal defense attorney will make an appeal to a judge on your behalf. He’ll provide the judge with a compelling reason to expunge or seal your Illinois criminal record – whether it’s because you need to get a license that’s required for a job or because you need to pass a background check for any other reason.

During this process, you may have to attend a hearing and present evidence why the court should rule in your favor.

There are three possible outcomes:

• The judge could deny your request.

• The judge could order that your record is destroyed.

• The judge could order that your records are sealed and only made available for certain law enforcement and sentencing purposes.

After a Record is Expunged or Sealed

When you have a criminal record, employers and others can see arrests, convictions and other information. However, when a judge orders your record to be expunged or sealed, that information won’t be publicly available.

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