Can You Seal an Arson Charge on Your Criminal Record?

If you’ve been convicted of arson – or any other crime, for that matter – you most likely don’t want your past hanging over your head. Having a criminal record is tough, and it disrupts your life; it can prevent you from doing the things you want to do, including getting a job, finding a place to live, and even getting credit.

The good news is that you may be able to get the fresh start you deserve through criminal record sealing. But can you seal an arson charge on your criminal record? Here’s what you need to know.

Can You Seal an Arson Charge on Your Criminal Record?

First things first: If you were charged with a crime (any crime) but never convicted, you can seal it from your criminal record. That means the record is hidden, and most people will never even know it’s there.

You can even seal many convictions for misdemeanors and felonies. That means if you were convicted (found guilty) of a crime, you could be eligible to seal it from your record.

When it comes to arson, you can seal it – but if your conviction required you to register under the Arsonist Registration Act, you cannot seal it until you’re no longer required to register. After you have completed your registration requirements, you can petition the court to let you seal your arson conviction.

Most criminal convictions can’t be sealed until you’ve waited three years since the successful completion of your last sentence. However, you should certainly talk to an attorney about your case if you’ve been convicted of arson.

Who Can See Sealed Records?

Only a handful of people will be able to see your criminal records if they’re sealed. Police and other law enforcement agencies, people working within the court system (such as judges), and some employers – particularly those that require fingerprint-based background checks – will still be able to see your records. However, they won’t pop up in ordinary background checks.

Do You Need to Talk to an Attorney About Sealing an Arson Conviction on Your Criminal Record?

If you’ve been convicted of arson, or if you were arrested and never charged, you were found not guilty of arson, or you were sentenced to supervision or probation for an arson offense, we may be able to help you clear it from your criminal record.

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