How Expungement Can Improve Your Employment Opportunities in Chicago

Facing the job market with a criminal record can seem like an uphill battle. You might feel like every application you send out is a shot in the dark. But it doesn’t have to be that way. This guide is here to shine some light on how expungement can improve your employment opportunities in Chicago.

How Expungement Can Improve Your Employment Opportunities in Chicago

In the following sections, you’ll learn about:

  • The impact of a criminal record on employment
  • The benefits of expungement for employment
  • The process of expungement in Illinois
  • How employers in Chicago view expunged records
  • The long-term effects of expungement

Here’s a closer look at each.

The Impact of a Criminal Record on Employment

A criminal record can significantly impact your employment prospects. Employers often perform background checks and a criminal record might tip the scale in favor of another candidate. It’s not just about the crime itself, but also about the perceived risks and liabilities involved in hiring someone with a criminal history.

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The Benefits of Expungement for Employment

Expunging your criminal record can open doors that were previously shut. It erases the record of your offense as if it never happened. After the expungement process, potential employers who conduct a background check won’t see your past crime, making it easier to secure employment.

The Process of Expungement in Illinois

While it isn’t an automatic or instantaneous process, expunging your criminal record is a worthwhile endeavor. Illinois law requires you to apply for expungement and each application is reviewed individually. Eligibility depends on the type of crime and the time that’s passed since the resolution of your case. Legal assistance can make this process smoother and increase the chances of a successful outcome.

How Employers in Chicago View Expunged Records

In Chicago, most employers can’t access expunged records and they aren’t allowed to consider them in their hiring decisions. In fact, employers generally aren’t even allowed to ask if you had records expunged. This provides an even playing field when you’re competing for job opportunities.

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The Long-Term Effects of Expungement

Expunging your criminal record doesn’t only improve your immediate job prospects. It also benefits your long-term career development. With an expunged record, you can pursue promotions and job transitions without your past hanging over your future.

FAQ About Expungement and Employment

Check out these commonly asked questions about expungement and employment in Chicago. If you don’t see the answers here, please call our office and we’ll get you the information you need.

Q: Can a government job access my expunged records?

A: In most cases, government agencies cannot access expunged records. However, in some cases, expunged records haven’t been purged from agencies’ rolls when a check takes place.

Q: What if an employer asks about my expunged record?

A: In Illinois, it’s generally unlawful for employers to ask about expunged or sealed records. However, if an employer asks you, you can say that nothing ever happened – your record is clear.

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Q: Can expungement help with obtaining professional licenses?

A: Yes, having a clean record can facilitate the process of acquiring professional licenses.

The journey to better employment opportunities begins with a single step – the decision to expunge your criminal record. And while the path might seem complex, with the right legal partner, you can navigate it successfully. You’ve got the potential for a bright future ahead – let’s clear the obstacles out of your way.

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