Adult Expungement and Sealing Checklist for the State of Illinois

If you’re an adult who wants to expunge or seal a criminal record in Illinois, you may want to work with an attorney who can handle the whole process for you. Generally, many people find that working with an experienced lawyer is easier than obtaining criminal history reports, filling out and filing multiple forms, and appearing at hearings without legal representation. However, if you’re interested in taking a DIY route, this adult expungement and sealing checklist for the state of Illinois will get you started.

Forms You Need to Expunge or Seal Your Records in Illinois

You may need some or all of these forms to expunge or seal your records in Illinois:

  • Request to Expunge & Impound and/or Seal Criminal Records
  • Notice of Filing for Expungement and/or Sealing
  • Order to Expunge & Impound and/or Seal Criminal Records
  • Order Denying Request to Expunge & Impound and/or Seal Criminal Records
  • Additional Arrests or Cases for Expungement
  • Additional Arrests of Cases for Sealing
  • Additional Notice for Filing for Expungement or Sealing

Information You Need to Fill Out the Forms

You’ll need a complete copy of your criminal history report, because to fill out the forms properly, you must include details about the arrests and charges on your criminal record. You also need the addresses of police departments or law enforcement agencies that arrested you, addresses of the state’s attorney’s offices that filed charges against you, and addresses of chief legal officers in the location where you were arrested.

Fees for Filing Forms

There are fees associated with filing the forms you need to request expungement or criminal record sealing. You can find out the fees from your Clerk of Court.

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