What Are the Abbreviations on an Illinois RAP Sheet?














If you’re like many people in the process of expunging or sealing your criminal record, or if you’re simply looking at a copy of your own arrest record, you’re probably wondering what all the abbreviations and acronyms mean. This guide explains the abbreviations on an Illinois RAP sheet so you know what you’re dealing with.

What Are the Abbreviations on an Illinois RAP Sheet?

Your RAP sheet (RAP is short for record of arrests and prosecutions) may contain several abbreviations. Check out the table below; find your abbreviation in the left column and what it stands for in the right column. If you don’t see an abbreviation from your RAP sheet listed here, feel free to call our office at 847-920-4540 to ask – we’ll be happy to answer and give you a free consultation on clearing your criminal record.

Charge Description
B Bond
B/A By agreement
BF  By forfeiture
BF-SOL Bond forfeiture and SOL (for dismissed cases)
BFW Bond forfeiture warrant
CALL All counts
CCDOC Cook County Department of Corrections
CD Conditional discharge
CDTP Criminal damage to property
CTDS Credit defendant for time served
CE Guilty conviction with a Certificate of Eligibility for Expungement from the Prisoner Review Board
Court Court supervision successfully completed
CTTL  Criminal trespass to land
CTTR Criminal trespass to residence
CTTSL Criminal trespass to state land
CTTV Criminal trespass to vehicle
DA Dismissal/acquittal
D/C Disorderly conduct
DAOPW Drinking alcohol on the public way
DB Domestic battery
DCS Delivery of a controlled substance
DSL Driving on a suspended license
DWP Dismissed without prejudice
FC Felony conviction
FG Finding of guilty
FI Certificate of innocence
Fine Fine
FNG Finding of not guilty
FNPC  Finding of no probable cause
IDOC Illinois Department of Corrections
JT Jury trial
JW Jury waived
LFD Leave to file denied
Man/Del Manufacturing and delivery
MC Misdemeanor conviction
MD Motion defendant
MS Motion state
NIC  Defendant not in court
NP or Nolle Nolle prosequi (for dismissed cases)
NS Non-suit
OP Order of protection
P CAN Possession of cannabis
Pardon Guilty conviction with a pardon from the governor
PCS  Possession of a controlled substance
PCS w/int Possession with intent to deliver
PG Plea of guilty
PNG Plea of not guilty
Prob Probation (other than qualified probation)
PROS Prostitution
PTS Probation terminated satisfactorily
PTU Probation terminated unsatisfactorily
QP Successful completion of First Offender Drug Probation or Qualified Probation
Ret Theft or R/T Retail theft
RWC or RWOC Released without charging
SOJ Substitution of judge
SOL (as an offense) Solicitation
SOL (as a disposition) Stricken off with leave to reinstate
SOL WRT Stricken with leave to reinstate and warrant
S/R Soliciting rides
SUB Soliciting unlawful business
SUP Supervision
TASC Treatment Alternatives for a Safe Community (probation)
TCS Time considered served
VG Verdict of guilty
VNG Verdict of not guilty
VOBB Violation of bail bond
VOOP Violation of order of protection
VOP Violation of probation

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