Can You Expunge Weed Convictions in Illinois?

If you’re like many people, you have weed convictions on your Illinois criminal record – and you’d like to clear them to give yourself a fresh start. But can you expunge weed convictions in Illinois? This guide explains.

Can You Expunge Weed Convictions in Illinois?

Marijuana is now legal in Illinois – it has been since January 1, 2020. And fortunately, part of the law that made weed legal also created a pathway to clear criminal records of weed-related offenses. There are different ways to expunge your record, and each depends on what type of record you have. 

Minor Cannabis Offenses

Minor cannabis offenses involving 30 grams or less are supposed to be expunged automatically. However, that’s not always the case. When it is automatic, the Prisoner Review Board recommends that the governor grants a pardon authorizing expungement; if the governor does so, the attorney general files a petition in the county where you were convicted to get your record expunged. The circuit court clerk will then notify you and give you a copy of your expungement order.

The table below outlines possession or dealing convictions that involved 500 grams or less of weed, depending on the date of your conviction.

Conviction Conviction Date Amount of Weed
Possession August 13, 1973 to June 25, 2019 500 grams or less
Attempted possession August 15, 1997 to June 25, 2019 2,000 grams or less
Attempted possession August 13, 1973 to August 14, 1997 Any amount
Manufacture/delivery or possession with intent to manufacture/deliver September 24, 1983 to June 25, 2019 30 grams or less
Attempted manufacture or delivery September 24, 1983 to June 25, 2019 500 grams or less

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