Can I Get a Marijuana Conviction Expunged in Illinois?

While marijuana has become legal in a handful of states, it’s not legal in Illinois – and if you’re caught with it and convicted, it’s a permanent stain on your record. That means potential employers can see it if they’re doing a background check; a marijuana conviction might also get in the way when a potential landlord checks your criminal history.

There’s still hope, though. Under the Cannabis Control Act, you might be able to get a marijuana conviction expunged. Whether you’re in Skokie, Schaumberg, Rolling Meadows or Chicago, Xpunge Chicago may be able to help.

What is the Cannabis Control Act?

The Cannabis Control Act redirects law enforcement efforts toward large-scale dealers and commercial traffickers. According to the text of the law, the previous legislation brought a huge segment of people into the Illinois criminal justice system who didn’t really need to be there; at the same time, people still continued to use marijuana.

Can Marijuana Charges be Expunged in Illinois?

Some marijuana charges and convictions can be expunged in Illinois, even if they are felonies. Under Section 4 of the Cannabis Control Act, where it describes the charges for possessing marijuana, having between 10 and 30 grams of pot on a second (or subsequent) offense is a Class 4 felony – and in some cases, it can be expunged under Illinois law.

How to Know Whether You Qualify For Expungement

Many people who have been convicted of a Class 4 felony for marijuana do qualify, but it’s best to consult with an Illinois expungement attorney to find out if you’re one of them. Expungement can give you a new lease on life by clearing your record, but if you don’t qualify, you may still be able to get your records sealed. While they’ll still be available to law enforcement, they won’t be available to everyday citizens (such as non-government employers and landlords), and that can make your life a lot easier.

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