Types of Criminal Records in Illinois

When you’re petitioning the court to have your criminal record expunged in Cook County or elsewhere, you’ll need a copy of your full criminal record. In some cases, your Chicago expungement lawyer can get that information for you—but there are different types of criminal records, so here’s what you need to know.

Types of Criminal Records in Illinois

There are four major types of criminal records in the state of Illinois: Court dispositions, RAP sheets, Illinois State Police criminal history transcripts, and juvenile records.

What Are Court Dispositions?

Court dispositions are the final judgments (or outcomes) in a court case. If you were arrested and never went to court, you won’t have any court dispositions.

What is a RAP Sheet?

A RAP sheet (RAP stands for record of arrests and prosecutions) is a list of all your arrests from one law enforcement agency. Your RAP sheet will also include the charges filed against you, and if there are any, the court dispositions (the outcomes) that resulted from each arrest and set of charges filed against you.

What is an Illinois State Police Criminal History Transcript?

An Illinois State Police criminal history transcript is a list of all your arrests and convictions that happened within the state of Illinois.

What Are Juvenile Records?

You’ll only have a juvenile record if you were arrested before you turned 18 and your case was handled in juvenile court. You won’t have a juvenile record if you were tried in adult court.

Where to Find Your Criminal Records

If you’re interested in having your record cleared, you need to know how to find your criminal records. Your attorney may be able to complete a criminal background check for you if you’re not sure how to get them yourself. Your lawyer can also tell you exactly where to go based on where your offenses occurred.

Do You Need to Talk to an Attorney About Chicago Criminal Record Expungement?

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