Can a Sex Offender Get a Pardon in Illinois?

Is it possible for a sex offender to get a pardon in the state of Illinois? Yes – but it’s highly unlikely. This guide explains.

If you are like many people, you find expungements, criminal record sealing, and pardons a little bit confusing – and that’s totally normal. The system is fairly complex, and there are major similarities and differences between each type of record clearing. Pardons are the most rare form of criminal record clearing, so can a sex offender get a pardon in Illinois? This guide explains.

Can a Sex Offender Get a Pardon in Illinois?

It is possible for sex offender to get a pardon in Illinois. However, it’s highly unlikely. That’s due to the nature of pardons themselves. Pardons are notoriously difficult to get, and the process isn’t as simple as you would think.

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What is a Pardon?

A pardon is like an “excused” slip that comes from the governor. It means that the governor of the state of Illinois “forgives” a person for committing a crime. A pardon says that you’re still guilty, but that it’s okay, and it may make it easier for you to get a job, find housing or take out a loan that you’d otherwise struggle with.

A pardon is one way to clear your criminal record.

There are two types of pardons:

  • An absolute pardon. This lets you forego all the consequences of the conviction.
  • A partial pardon. A partial pardon forgives some of the consequences of the conviction.

Note: A commutation is not the same as a full or partial pardon; instead, it reduces your prison sentence. A reprieve is the delaying of a sentence, such as a reprieve that pushes back a death sentence.

How Hard is it to Get a Pardon?

It’s notoriously difficult to get a pardon. Thousands of people ask for them, and very few are actually granted.

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Is it Likely for a Sex Offender to Get a Pardon in Illinois?

Given how difficult it is to get a pardon at all, and given that sex offenses are often felonies, it’s very unlikely for a sex offender to get a pardon in Illinois. It’s important to note that you cannot expunge or seal sex offenses from your criminal record, either.

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