Can You View Your Own Criminal Records in Illinois?

If you have a criminal record in the state of Illinois, you’re allowed to access it. But where do you even begin? This guide explains.

Can You View Your Own Criminal Records in Illinois?

You are permitted to view your own criminal records in the state of Illinois. Often, people want to see them because they intend to apply for expungement or sealing; in that case, the attorney handling their criminal record clearing needs the records to verify eligibility. In other cases, people simply want to know what types of records exist – and that can be helpful when you’re looking for a new place to live or applying for a new job.

How to Get Your Criminal Records in Illinois

You can get your criminal records from the Illinois State Police. if you have a criminal record in another state, you’ll need to follow that state’s procedures for getting your hands on your records. However, in Illinois, here are the three steps you need to complete:

  • Contact the police department
  • Get your fingerprints
  • Pick up your criminal history

Here’s a closer look at each.

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Step 1 in Getting Your Own Criminal Records in Illinois: Contact the Police Department

Contact the local police department and ask them if they can fingerprint you. If they can, have them take your fingerprints (and remember there may be a cost associated with this service) and fill out the Illinois State Police form called Access and Review.

Step 2 in Getting Your Own Criminal Records in Illinois: Get Your Fingerprints

If your local Police Department cannot fingerprint you, go to the nearest Illinois State Police Department. Bring your identification and tell them that you want to complete an Access and Review. The Illinois State Police won’t Charge you for fingerprinting or for filing the form.

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Step 3 in Getting Your Own Criminal Records in Illinois: Pick Up Your Criminal History

It usually takes a few days for the police to process a criminal history transcript. They’ll notify when your transcript is ready for pick up. All you need to do yes pick it up in the appropriate location.

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