What to Do if Someone Objects to Your Expungement

When you get your criminal record expunged in Chicago or elsewhere in Illinois, interested parties – such as the Illinois State Police, the state’s attorney and others – have the chance to object to your expungement. If someone does, here’s what you need to know.

What to Do if Someone Objects to Your Expungement

First things first: There are several reasons an interested party may object to your expungement. However, just because someone objects, that doesn’t mean that the judge assigned to your case will agree – you can still get your record expunged if the judge feels you deserve a fresh start.

If someone does object to your expungement, your attorney will let you know. You may be entitled to a hearing, and your lawyer can represent you at that hearing.

Going to a Hearing During Your Expungement

If you have a hearing, your lawyer can tell you what to wear. You should dress as conservatively as possible, such as:

  • A pantsuit
  • Closed-toed shoes
  • Neat hair and clean nails

Don’t wear jeans and a T-shirt unless you have nothing else; even then, make sure your T-shirt doesn’t have anything that a judge would find questionable or inappropriate.

Your lawyer will do the talking for you – but you may be asked to speak as well. You should discuss this possibility with your attorney before the hearing so you know what to expect and how to respond to questions.

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What if You Filed Your Own Expungement?

If you filed your own expungement and don’t have an attorney, it’s not too late. You can still retain an attorney to represent you at your expungement hearing.

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