What Happens After a Judge Grants Your Expungement Petition in Illinois?

Expunging a criminal record can take several months – and even after a judge approves your petition, you may have to wait a bit before the expungement takes effect. This guide explains what happens after a judge grants your expungement petition in Illinois.

What Happens After a Judge Grants Your Expungement Petition in Illinois?

If the judge in your case approves your request for expungement, the circuit clerk will send a copy of your expungement order to all the police departments and prosecutors your attorney listed on your Notice of Filing for Expungement and/or Sealing. These agencies and people are those who have an interest in your criminal record – and they’re the ones who had a chance to object while your petition was making its way through the system.

After receiving the order, these agencies have 60 days to destroy your record or return it to you. The clock starts ticking when they receive the court’s expungement order.

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Will You Know When Your Record is Expunged?

Your attorney will keep tabs on your case the whole time it’s ongoing. Your lawyer’s job is to track your petition’s status and let you know when a judge approves or denies your request for expungement

The Illinois State Police will send you a notice in the mail that says they’ve expunged your criminal record. Your record isn’t officially expunged until you receive the notice.

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What Can You Do With an Expunged Record?

If a judge grants your expungement petition, you don’t have to tell anyone that you ever had a criminal record. In fact, it’s like it never even happened. You’re free to go about your life as if you were never arrested in the first place.

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