Can You Seal Just PART of Your Criminal Record?

If you’re like many people, you’ve made some mistakes in the past – but fortunately, with criminal record sealing, you may be able to get the fresh start you deserve. Though not all offenses qualify for criminal record sealing, many do. But can you seal just part of your criminal record? This guide explains.

Can You Seal Just PART of Your Criminal Record?

You can seal part of your criminal record and leave the offenses that don’t qualify for sealing intact. That means if you have some offenses that qualify for sealing and some that don’t, you can still move forward with the process.

The best way to find out whether the offenses on your record qualify for criminal record sealing is to talk to an expungement attorney in Chicago. Your attorney can tell you which offenses qualify for sealing and which don’t – and if you have a record that qualifies for expungement, your lawyer will let you know that, too.

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The courts will allow you to seal the records that are eligible for sealing without touching the other records. For example, if you have a theft conviction that you’re eligible to seal but a battery conviction that doesn’t qualify, you can seal the theft conviction while leaving the battery conviction on your record.

When your criminal record is sealed, it won’t come up in standard background checks. That means most people will never even know it exists unless you tell them. Some people will still be able to see it, though, such as employers that use fingerprint-based background checks and law enforcement professionals.

What is Expungement?

Expungement is a process that erases your criminal record forever. It’s like nothing ever happened. If your record qualifies for expungement, the agencies that have copies of it are court-ordered to destroy it or return it to you. That means there’s nothing for anyone to see on a background check.

You can only expunge certain things, though. Generally, you can’t expunge convictions (although there are exceptions). 

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