Great News for People With Felonies in the Past: HB 2373 Signed Into Law

If you have a felony on your record that’s holding you back, there’s great news: Illinois has expanded the Criminal Identification Act to allow more people than ever to get fresh starts.

What is HB 2373, and How Does It Affect You?

Gov. Bruce Rauner signed important legislation last week that opens up more possibilities than ever before for people with criminal records.

House Bill 2373 amends the Criminal Identification Act to help people who have felonies in their pasts, and it’s the largest expansion of the act that the state—or any other state, for that matter—has ever passed.

This expansion makes all felonies eligible for sealing unless they’re listed as a current exception. The felonies that are currently listed as exceptions are:

  • DUI and reckless driving
  • Animal crimes
  • Sex crimes (prostitution and misdemeanor public indecency don’t count as sex crimes for this purpose)
  • Domestic battery and violations of orders of protection

Before the governor signed this bill, only nine felonies were eligible for sealing—so this is a huge change that could impact thousands of people who deserve a fresh start but haven’t been able to get one until now.

Find out if you’re eligible for sealing or expungement now.)

What if Your Record Now Qualifies for Criminal Record Sealing Under HB 2373?

For many people, it makes sense to talk to an expungement lawyer in Chicago who understands the law—and its recent changes—and who has a track record of successful expungement and sealing cases.

If your record now qualifies for criminal record sealing, your attorney will file the appropriate petitions with the state. The state’s attorney will have a chance to object to the petition, and if that happens, your attorney can argue to the judge that you deserve a clean slate.

If the court approves your petition, your criminal records will be sealed. They’ll no longer be accessible to the public, leaving you free to move forward without your past hanging over your head.

Do You Need to Talk to an Expungement Lawyer in Chicago?

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