Criminal Background Expungement

Criminal background expungement, which is commonly just called “expungement,” can make a huge difference in your life. It’s not just about having a clear criminal background (if you’re not sure what appears on your criminal record, it’s a good idea to work with a criminal background check lawyer in Chicago and the suburbs)—it’s also about having access to opportunities that you may not have when you have a criminal record.

What is Criminal Background Expungement?

Criminal background expungement is a way to clear your criminal record so what’s on it is erased. It’s not literally erased, but the files detailing your criminal history are destroyed; that means they’re not available to employers, landlords, or lenders (or anyone else, for that matter).

Who is Eligible for Criminal Background Expungement?

Not everyone is eligible for criminal background expungement. (Not sure if that applies to you? Find out if you’re eligible for expungement.) However, if you have arrests and no convictions, you could be a candidate.

What if You’re Eligible for Criminal Background Expungement?

If you’re eligible for criminal background expungement, you may find it helpful to talk to a Chicago attorney who can help you get on the right path to clearing your criminal record. Your attorney will help you get your criminal record if you need it, and he’ll file the appropriate paperwork with the right agencies to petition the court.

The state’s attorney may object to your criminal background expungement, but if that happens, your lawyer will argue your case and fight for you to get a fresh start.

Do You Need to Talk to a Criminal Background Check Lawyer?

If you have a criminal record and you’d like to talk to a criminal background check lawyer, call us at 847-920-4540 immediately. The sooner you give us information about your background and what you’d like to do, the sooner we can start fighting to clear your name.