Do I Have to Tell Employers about Expunged or Sealed Records?

Once your record is expunged, it’s done… right?

Many people aren’t sure whether they have to tell potential employers about expunged records. Job applications often ask if you’ve ever been arrested or convicted, so what are you supposed to say?

Do I Have to Tell Employers about Expunged Records?

Once your record has been expunged, you do not have to tell anyone that you were ever arrested or that you had a criminal record. In fact, the state of Illinois has made it illegal for most employers and potential employers to ask you whether you have had records expunged or sealed

There are some exceptions to the rule, though. If you are being employed by a hospital or care facility, a school or a government agency, you will still have to answer the question truthfully. The military may also need to know if you have ever had a record expunged or sealed. There may be other exceptions, as well, so it’s best to ask your Chicago expungement lawyer to give you a quick run-down if you’re going to apply for a new job.

There’s one more thing: if you’ve petitioned the court to have your record expunged, but the court hasn’t ruled on it yet, you’ll still have to tell potential employers (or answer the question on a job application) about your criminal history.

Unless the law specifically requires you to disclose expunged or sealed records when you are applying for an occupational license or certificate, you don’t have to. Again, your attorney can help you if you’re not sure whether you’re required to disclose your expunged or sealed records; every license and certificate has different requirements.

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