Expunging Your Record When Courts Are Closed

Although courts in Chicago and the surrounding the areas are operating under a very limited capacity right now, that doesn’t mean you can’t work on criminal record expungement and sealing. In fact, now might be the perfect time to work on it – because when things go back to normal, you can have the fresh start you deserve.

Expunging Your Record When Courts Are Closed

As you probably already know, it can take a long time to clear your criminal record. There are several forms to fill out and file, and your petition to clear your record needs to work its way through the system before it reaches a judge.

First, your completed petition goes to the state’s attorney. The state’s attorney has to decide whether he or she objects. If the state’s attorney objects, you could be entitled to a hearing – but either way, the state’s attorney will have to provide a reason for his or her objection. Even if the state’s attorney objects, though, that doesn’t mean your case is hopeless.

It’s up to the judge in your case, no matter what the state’s attorney says – and you could still end up getting your record sealed or expunged, even with an objection.

How Can You Start the Criminal Record Clearing Process?

You can start the criminal record clearing process by finding out whether you’re eligible.

Find out if you’re eligible for criminal record clearing here.

If you’re eligible, we can help you. We’ll talk to you about the cases you want to expunge or seal and explain the whole process to you – and we’ll be happy to answer your questions. You don’t have to worry about going to the courthouse or filing your forms, and you don’t have to worry about filling things out properly. We can even represent you if the state’s attorney objects to your petition.

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