Expunge Your Arrest Record: What You Need to Know

If you’ve been turned down for employment, a place to live, or even a loan, your arrest record may be to blame—but the good news is that you may be eligible for arrest record expungement.

How to Expunge Your Arrest Record

Many people choose to work with a Chicago expungement attorney when they’re in a situation similar to yours. Expunging your arrest record isn’t a simple process, and it doesn’t happen overnight; that’s why many people choose to get in touch with a lawyer who knows what the laws are and how they apply in specific situations.

Who Can Expunge an Arrest Record?

Thousands of people are eligible to expunge an arrest record. If you’re not sure whether you’re eligible, you can find out here. (Remember, though, that every case is different. Your best bet may be to talk to an attorney who can evaluate your situation.)

What You Need to Expunge an Arrest Record

You’ll need a copy of your complete criminal record. If you’re unable to get your own criminal record, your attorney may be able to conduct a background check for you. Your complete record is important, because the information on it will determine whether you’re eligible for expungement; for the most part, you can’t expunge your record if you’ve had a conviction. If you’re not eligible for expungement, you may still be eligible for criminal record sealing. (Learn the differences between expungement and sealing now.)

What Your Lawyer Will Do to Expunge Your Arrest Record

Your lawyer will file the appropriate petitions with the court that has jurisdiction over your case, whether it’s in Chicago, Skokie, or Rolling Meadows. When your attorney files the paperwork, know that the state may object to your expungement—but in many cases, you have the right to a hearing where your lawyer can explain the situation to the judge (and argue on your behalf to let the judge know why you deserve an expungement). If the judge grants your request, the arresting agencies will be ordered to destroy your arrest records; that gives you a clean slate.

Are You Ready to Talk to an Expungement Lawyer in Chicago?

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