Domestic Battery – Life Long Consequences

If you are charged with domestic battery in Chicago or Cook County, a finding of guilty or a plea of guilty can have lifelong consequences.  Illinois law considers domestic violence particularly offensive and therefore does not allow a conviction of domestic battery to be expunged or sealed.

Many people are falsely accused of domestic battery by a partner to gain leverage in a divorce, custody dispute, or to gain sole occupancy of the home.  Unfortunately, those accused of domestic battery simply want the process to end and feel pressured to plead guilty even if they are innocent. The problem is that a plea of guilty to domestic battery will always be in your criminal background and can never be expunged or sealed.   While this is bad enough, the stigma of being a domestic offender will likely prevent employers from hiring you and landlords from housing you.

If you are charged with domestic battery there are other options besides simply pleading guilty. Get an attorney who will fight for your case and fight for your future.  Contact the Law Offices of M. Fakhoury for more information. or