How Long Should You Wait Before You Apply for Criminal Record Expungement

If you’re charged with a crime, you already know that it can stick with you for the rest of your life.

Unless, of course, you have it expunged from your criminal record.

But how soon can you do that after being charged with a crime?

When Can You Expunge Your Criminal Record?

You can expunge arrests and criminal charges, but you can’t even petition the court to do so until your case is complete. Your attorney is going to need your complete criminal record, and that includes a record of the final disposition (what the court ruled) before he can petition for an expungement. (The same is true for criminal record sealing, as well.)

Why Should You Expunge Your Criminal Record as Possible

If you don’t already know, you’ll soon find that having a criminal record is tough. Your record can prevent you from getting jobs, finding a decent place to live, and even from obtaining credit.

Many employers conduct criminal background checks, as do landlords, and in some fields, you can’t even get a job if you have an arrest on your record (healthcare, childcare and elder care are just a few).

Even the military conducts criminal background checks, so if you’re planning on enlisting but you have a criminal record, it’s a good idea to talk to a Chicago expungement lawyer first.

What Your Chicago Expungement Lawyer Will Do for You

Your Chicago expungement lawyer will examine your entire criminal record (if you have a tough time obtaining it, he’ll also be able to conduct a complete criminal background check for you) and file the appropriate paperwork to petition the court for your criminal record clearing.

If the state’s attorney objects to you having your record expunged, your lawyer will argue on your behalf and explain to the judge why you deserve a fresh start.

The expungement process can take several months, so as soon as you have a final judgment in your case, it’s best to get in touch with a Chicago criminal record clearing lawyer.

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