What if You Aren’t Eligible for Expungement in Chicago?

If you’re like many people in Chicago, Skokie and Rolling Meadows, you’re not eligible for criminal record expungement

However, you could be eligible for something very similar—and that offers essentially the same results.

What if You’re Not Eligible for Expungement in Chicago?

You’re only eligible for expungement in some cases (you can find out whether you qualify for expungement here).

If you don’t meet the requirements, you could be eligible for criminal record sealing.

What is Criminal Record Sealing?

Criminal record sealing has almost the same effect as expungement does. The general public won’t be able to see your criminal record.

The main difference is that with expungement, your records are destroyed; with sealing, they’re made more private. However, if your records are sealed, some agencies may still be able to see them. For example, sealed criminal records are available to law enforcement agencies, some employers (such as those in the healthcare and childcare fields), and the military.

Does Criminal Record Sealing Have the Same Benefits as Expungement Does?

For the most part, criminal record sealing has the same benefits that expungement does.

Many people with criminal records find that it’s tough to get a job, find a good place to live, or even obtain a loan.

If your criminal records are sealed, that means they’re not available to the general public—and you may find that it’s easier to get through day-to-day life when your records aren’t public information.

Ready to Talk About Criminal Record Sealing?

When you’re ready to talk about clearing your criminal record so you can get a fresh start, we’d love to talk to you. We’ll help you determine whether you’re eligible for expungement or criminal record sealing; if you are, we’ll begin the process for you.

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