What is the ICIA?

The Illinois Criminal Identification Act, or ICIA, allows some people to expunge or seal their criminal records in the state of Illinois. But what is it, and how do you go about clearing your name using this act?

What is the Illinois Criminal Identification Act?

Qualifying arrests, supervisions, and some misdemeanors and felonies can be expunged or sealed from your criminal record thanks to the Illinois Criminal Identification Act. While every case is different, you could be eligible for expungement—and if you’re not, you could be eligible for criminal record sealing.

How Can You Use the ICIA to Clear Your Name?

If you’re eligible for expungement or criminal record sealing, you can petition the court to clear your name. Many people choose to work with a Chicago criminal record clearing attorney who can perform a criminal background check, file the appropriate forms, and argue on their behalf if the state objects to expungement or sealing.

What’s the Process to Clear Your Record?

Once your attorney files the paperwork with the appropriate authorities, the decision is in a judge’s hands. Again, the state’s attorney might object to your petition; if that happens, your lawyer will be able to ensure the court hears your side of the story (including why you deserve a fresh start).

If the judge decides to allow you to expunge or seal your criminal record, the law enforcement departments that have your records will take the appropriate actions. In the case of expungement, your criminal records will be destroyed; if they’re sealed, they’ll be blocked from public view in most cases (there are exceptions, though, which your attorney can explain to you).

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