Can You Get a FOID Card With an Expunged Record?

Though the requirements to get a FOID card in Illinois are very strict, it’s possible to get one after your criminal record is expunged. Here’s what you need to know.

Can You Get a FOID Card With an Expunged Record?

If your criminal record is expunged, which means that it no longer exists in the justice system, you can get a firearm owner’s identification card. A firearm owner’s identification card enables you to lawfully own a firearm in the state of Illinois.

However, these identification cards are not available to people who have been convicted of specific crimes. That’s why the key is to have your criminal record expunged if possible. If your record is not eligible for expungement, you will not be eligible for a FOID card.

Criminal Offenses That Prevent You From Getting a FOID

Having a criminal record may disqualify you from getting a FOID card. If your record contains any of the following offenses, you cannot get the card:

  • a forcible felony conviction within 20 years of your application
  • some types of felony drug convictions
  • any conviction within the past five years for battery or assault with a firearm
  • a misdemeanor if you are under the age of 21
  • a juvenile adjudication that’s equivalent to a forcible felony for adults

It is possible to get a FOID card with convictions. The best you can do is apply, and if you are denied, you should talk to an attorney about your options for clearing your criminal record or appealing the denial. If you choose to appeal your FOID card denial, you’ll be required to show that you haven’t committed a forcible felony in the past 20 years, you are unlikely to put the public in danger, and that granting your request for a FOID card would not be against the public’s best interest.

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