How to Get Your Record Expunged in Chicago, Skokie, or Rolling Meadows

When you’re denied employment, financing, or even a place to live because you have a criminal record, you know how tough it can be—but you may be eligible to have your criminal record expunged

How to Get Your Record Expunged in Chicago, Skokie, or Rolling Meadows

For many people, it makes sense to work with a Chicago expungement attorney who can perform a background check and file the appropriate expungement paperwork with the court. (Expungement law can be a little complicated, especially when there are special circumstances, such as when the person with a criminal record is a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces.)

Eligibility for Expungement in Chicago and the Surrounding Communities

The first step is determining your eligibility for expungement. Generally, if you have had a conviction, your record can’t be expunged. However, there are some exceptions—and even if you don’t qualify for expungement, you could qualify for criminal record sealing.

(Learn the differences between expungement and sealing here.)

Filing Petitions With the Court

If you’re eligible for either expungement or sealing, your attorney will file the appropriate petitions with the court. That’s true whether you’re in Chicago, Skokie, Rolling Meadows, or another nearby city. There’s a filing fee involved with submitting your petition, which your lawyer will discuss with you prior to filing.

Objections From the State’s Attorney

The state’s attorney will have a chance to object to your expungement, but he or she may not choose to do so. If the state’s attorney objects to your expungement, you may be entitled to a hearing. Your lawyer can defend you and speak on your behalf at that hearing.

Once the Judge Approves Your Expungement

If the judge approves your expungement, he or she will grant an order saying you’re cleared. The order then needs to be sent to the Illinois State Police and the agency that arrested you. They’ll destroy your records; if your files are sealed, they’ll make them confidential except to a handful of agencies.

Do You Need to Talk to a Lawyer About Expungement?

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