The Importance of Expunging Your Juvenile Record

Were you arrested as a juvenile?  If so, did you know that your juvenile record can be used against you, even after you reach adulthood?  Whenever a juvenile is arrested, records are kept by both Illinois courts and law enforcement agencies.

It is a widely held misconception that a juvenile record is automatically expunged once an individual turns 18.  Sadly, however, this is incorrect.  You must petition the court to have your juvenile record expunged or sealed.  You will have a juvenile record even if your case was dismissed or resulted in an acquittal.

Despite what you may think, a juvenile record can PREVENT you from getting a job, furthering your education, joining the military, or becoming a US citizen.  Your juvenile record is not always private.  When you authorize a background check, your juvenile arrest will appear, even after your 18th birthday.

If you were arrested as a juvenile, call XpungeChicago today.  Expunging your juvenile record will ensure that what you did as a youth will not adversely affect the rest of your life.  Call today for a free case review: (847) 920-4540.