Juvenile Expungements: A Tragic Story

My clients are often surprised at the long-term consequences of their juvenile arrests.  Unfortunately, it is often difficult for an adult to avoid the repercussions of mistakes made as a youth — this is the importance of expunging your juvenile record.

Recently, a client walked into my office in utter despair.  She went to school to become a pharmacy technician.  By the time she was 21, she completed her technician program and applied to the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.  Now she was just waiting for that envelope!  When the envelope arrived in the mail, she was so excited.  Before she even opened it, she thought, “Okay, I can finally start my career!”  Turns out, it wasn’t a letter of certification; Instead, it was a letter stating that she was prohibited from practice.  

The letter provided a date when my client was in high school and had been charged with battery.  Apparently, she had been involved in a school brawl and was arrested.  Although the incident occurred several years ago, the arrest remained on her record.  

This seemingly minor incident came back to haunt my client.  When applying to the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional regulation, she had to have fingerprints taken for a criminal background check.  My client was subsequently prohibited from beginning her career as a pharmacy technician.

Do not allow your juvenile arrest record to haunt you.  Though it may seem daunting, my firm handles juvenile expungements daily.  We will handle your expungement petition from start to finish and ensure that your mistakes as a youth do not have a negative impact on your future.  Call XpungeChicago today for a free case review: (847) 920-4540.