Where to Get Your Criminal Record in Rolling Meadows

Rolling Meadows is part of District 3 of the Cook County, Illinois Circuit Court. If you’re looking for your criminal record in this jurisdiction, you have two options: you can ask your lawyer to obtain your criminal record for you or you can get it yourself.

How to Get Your Criminal Record in Rolling Meadows

You have the right to obtain your own criminal record, whether you live in Rolling Meadows or elsewhere in the Chicago area.

Under the Uniform Conviction Information Act, which has been an Illinois law for almost 30 years, the Illinois State Police (Bureau of Identification) maintain all the criminal conviction histories.

If you need to obtain your record, you must submit a Conviction Information Request form. The Illinois State Police can do two types of searches: a non-fingerprint conviction information request form and a fingerprint conviction information request form.

When you submit your request to the Bureau of Identification, you’ll also need a check or money order to pay for processing. A non-fingerprint information request currently costs $16; a fingerprint conviction information request currently costs $20.

You can get the forms directly from the state police or you can order them online (the police will mail them to you). There’s no charge to have the forms mailed to you, so if it’s not convenient for you to pick them up from the police station, it may be a good idea to request them through the police’s website.

What to Do With Your Background Check Information

Once you receive your record, you can bring it to your attorney so he can work on your criminal record clearing.

Your lawyer can help you get your record expunged or sealed provided that you qualify to do so. (If you’re not sure, you can find out whether you’re eligible here.)