Simple Battery can be a Simple Expungement

Is a battery conviction preventing you from moving on with your life?  Most people assume that a misdemeanor battery conviction cannot be expunged, but this is inaccurate.  A misdemeanor battery conviction can be expunged.

When you apply for a job or housing, a basic background check will reveal your battery conviction.  An employer or landlord may be hesitant to move forward because of the nature of your criminal background.When your record is expunged, the case is erased from your criminal record.  The police agency that arrested you will destroy its records of your arrest, as will the States Attorney’s Office and the Illinois State police.  I tell my clients that an expungement acts as an eraser of your past: once the expungement is successfully completed, it is as if the arrest never occurred.

In today’s tough job market, a battery conviction could be the difference between getting that dream job and being passed over for someone without a criminal background.  Call Xpunge Chicago today for a free case review: (847) 920-4540