Expedite Your Expungement: It is Now Faster to Expunge Your Past and Expand Your Future!

Worried that your criminal record may stand in the way of that great new job?  What about apartment screening applications?  In the past, my clients often wondered if they could expedite their Chicago expungement petitions.  Unfortunately, because of the backlog in Cook County, expediting an expungement petition was nearly impossible.  The expected time frame for a court order clearing your criminal record was anywhere from 3 to 6 months.

I am now thrilled to say that the waiting time has become considerably shorter.  Once we file your petition, the court clerk sets a hearing date within 60 days. This is excellent news compared to the protocol of the past; Prior to this new rule, once the 60 days were up, your petition would have remained in a state of uncertainty for months while awaiting a judge’s authorization.

This new standard provides that the State and Chicago police still have 60 days to object to your petition.  However, your hearing date is granted within those first 60 days.  In the past, you had to wait for a scheduled hearing date following the State’s objection.

At Xpunge Chicago, we will handle your expungement proceedings from start to finish.  If an objection is made, we will vigorously defend you at your hearing.  Call today for a free case review – (847) 920-4540