Where to Get Copies of Your Criminal Records in Chicago

If you’re trying to seal or expunge your criminal record in Chicago or one of the suburbs, you’ll need copies of your criminal records – but where do you get them?

Your attorney can conduct a criminal background check, but in the meantime, here’s what you need to know.

Types of Criminal Records

There are three main types of criminal records in Illinois:

  • Court dispositions
  • RAP sheets
  • Illinois State Police criminal history transcripts

Where to Get Copies of Your Criminal Records in Chicago

You can get your entire criminal history on an Illinois State Police criminal history transcript. Technically, it’s a Statewide Criminal History Transcript. You can access this transcript right from the Illinois State Police, Bureau of Identification, which is located at 260 North Chicago Street in Joliet (their number is 815-740-5160).

You can also visit a local law enforcement agency – every agency can provide you with your transcript. However, each has its own costs and times available for you to come in and request your records. You’ll have to be fingerprinted, too.

You can order your RAP sheet – your record of arrests and prosecutions – from the Circuit Clerk. You’ll have to ask for copies in the county where your case was filed. You may be able to talk to someone in the clerk’s office directly, or you may be able to use a public computer at the courthouse to look up your records and print them (usually for a fee).

Finally, you can order our RAP sheet from the Chicago Police Department if you were arrested in Chicago. (Not if you were arrested elsewhere.) You might have to wait, and you’ll definitely have to pay a fee. As mentioned before, you can ask for a copy of your entire criminal history – the Statewide Criminal History Transcript. You’ll have to go directly to the CPD to get your RAP sheet, which is located at 3510 South Michigan Avenue. Their number is 312-745-5508.

Do You Need to Talk to a Lawyer About Finding Your Criminal Records?

If you need to talk to a Chicago record clearing attorney about your criminal records, or if you want a background check, call us right away at 847-920-4540. We may be able to help you, so call for your free case review today.