Can Arson Be Expunged From Your Record in Illinois?

Is it possible to expunge arson from your criminal record in the state of Illinois? Find out now.

Can Arson Be Expunged From Your Record in Illinois?

In the state of Illinois, it’s possible to expunge some offenses from your criminal record. Expungement means that your record is erased; in real life, it means that the agencies that have copies of your criminal record must destroy it or return it to you. That means your criminal record no longer exists.

However, for the most part, you cannot expunge any offenses for which you have been convicted. That means if you’ve been found guilty, accepted a plea bargain, or received a sentence for committing a crime, you’re probably not eligible for expungement.

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What you can expunge are arson charges that never went anywhere. For example, if you were arrested for and charged with arson, but you were found not guilty in court, or you were released because the charges were dropped, you may expunge the incident from your criminal record.

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What About Sealing Arson Offenses?

It is possible to seal an arson conviction from your criminal record. Although sealing is different from expungement because your record still exists, it may be a good alternative for you. However, you do need to know that if your arson conviction required you to register under the Arsonist Registration Act, you aren’t legally allowed to seal the offense until you are no longer required to register.

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If you choose to seal an arson conviction, provided that you’re eligible, you need to know that some people may still be able to see your record. Law enforcement professionals, people working within the judicial system, some employers, and anyone who conducts a fingerprint based background check on you will most likely see your arson conviction on your record. However, most landlords, employers and others will never even know about the incident unless you tell them.

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