Can Police See Expunged Records?

Can police see expunged records? Can police see sealed records? If you’re like many people who are considering clearing a criminal record, you need to know who will be able to see past arrests, charges and convictions.

This guide explains whether police can see expunged records (or sealed records) so you know what steps to take to secure your future.

Can Police See Expunged Records?

Police cannot see expunged records. That’s because when a court expunges your records, your files are destroyed or returned to you. It’s like you never had a criminal record in the first place.

Can Police See Sealed Records?

Law enforcement agencies can see sealed records. That includes police, the courts, states’ attorneys and other people involved in the criminal justice system.

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Who Can See Expunged Records?

Nobody can see expunged records. Expungement completely removes these records, so they don’t even exist. When a judge grants your request for criminal record expungement, all the agencies that have records on you must either destroy them or give them to you – so there’s nothing for anyone to see.

Who Can See Sealed Records?

The general public can’t see sealed records. They won’t come up on a simple background check, for example, so landlords and most employers won’t know you have anything on your record if it’s sealed. However, some employers, such as the military and those in some healthcare fields, will be able to see your sealed records. Law enforcement officials (including police, those working in the courts and states’ attorneys) will also be able to see your sealed criminal records.

Do You Need to Talk to an Attorney About Your Criminal Record?

If you need to talk to a lawyer about expunging or sealing your criminal record so that it’s no longer available to the general public, we’re here for you. Call us at 847-920-4540 today to learn about your options and determine what’s right for your future.