How to Seal a Criminal Record in Illinois

If you’re like many people in the state of Illinois, you’d like to know how you can get the fresh start you deserve after having a criminal record.

For some people, expungement is an option. For others, though, it’s not – and many of those people end up having their criminal records sealed. Often, it’s a good idea to work with an expungement and sealing lawyer in Chicago who understands the ins and outs of the process.

How to Seal a Criminal Record in Illinois

Many people come to us and ask, “Can you seal a criminal record in Illinois?”

The answer is yes – in some, but not all, cases.

What is Criminal Record Sealing?

Criminal record sealing is similar to expungement, except that your criminal record will still exist. However, it won’t be available to the public, which affords you a measure of privacy that you don’t have when your criminal record is public.

What Cases Are Eligible for Sealing in Illinois?

Typically, many misdemeanor or municipal ordinance violations in criminal or traffic cases can be sealed in Illinois. However, other items on your criminal record may affect your eligibility for criminal record sealing.

What is a Rap Sheet?

If you’re filing a petition to seal your criminal record in Chicago, you’ll have to get a copy of your rap sheet

A rap sheet is your criminal history. Technically, it’s called Criminal History Record Information, or CHRI. It’s available through the Chicago Police, but if you’re having a tough time getting the information you need, you can ask your lawyer to run a criminal background check to get it for you.

Do You Need Help Sealing Your Criminal Record in Illinois?

If you need to seal a criminal record in Illinois, we may be able to help you. If you’d like, you can use our quick questionnaire to determine whether you’re eligible for expungement.

When you’re ready, call a Chicago expungement and sealing lawyer at 847-920-4540 or get in touch with us online. We’ll be happy to evaluate your case and help you file for criminal record sealing in Illinois.