Can Employers See Sealed Records?

If you have a criminal record, you may be wondering whether your employer (or a prospective employer) can see it. This guide explains.

Can Employers See Sealed Records?

For the most part, employers can’t see sealed records. In fact, most people can’t see them. That means if someone runs an average background check to learn more about you, your criminal record won’t show up. However, there’s a catch: Anyone who runs a fingerprint-based background check will be able to find out that you have a criminal record.

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Which Employers Can Still See Criminal Records, Even if They’re Sealed?

Employers that require security clearances, those that run FBI background checks, and those that use your fingerprints to check your background may still be able to see your sealed criminal records.

Usually, these employers involve federal, state and local governments; the military; police and law enforcement agencies; childcare providers and schools; and some healthcare providers.

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What is an FBI Background Check?

An FBI background check is an in depth look at your past. It uses your fingerprints to compare your identity with the identities of hundreds of thousands of other people in the FBI’s database. During one of these background checks, arrests in multiple jurisdictions can pop up. So can convictions, regardless of where they occurred. If there’s anything about you in the FBI’s database, it will pop up – even if your record has been sealed.

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Will I Ever Get a Job if I Have a Criminal Record?

Many employers don’t care about criminal records. And those that do may not even be able to see that you have a sealed record. In fact, unless your prospective employer runs and FBI background check that requires your fingerprints, there’s very little chance that they’ll discover your criminal record after it’s been sealed. And if an employer does discover your record, the fact that it’s sealed prevents the employer from obtaining the details of your case.

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