How to Have Your Chicago Arrest Record Destroyed

When you get arrested, you’re taken to the police station, photographed and fingerprinted. It’s a lot like what we see on reality TV – but what they don’t show you is what happens to the data that police collect upon your arrest.

The truth is, when they collect that data, they put it all together into a permanent record that sits in a database or a filing cabinet (or both) until someone wants to see it.

Even if the charges are dropped or if you’re acquitted and found “not guilty” of any crimes, that arrest record is still in the database.

Who Can See Chicago Arrest Records?

Potential employers, landlords and several other people may have access to your arrest record. Law enforcement officials will see it when you’re pulled over for speeding or arrested under suspicion of another crime, and the military can see it if you try to enlist, too.

It goes without saying that it’s nobody’s business that you were arrested, especially if the charges were dropped or you were found innocent of wrongdoing… but in order to have your Chicago arrest records destroyed, you’ll have to ask the court to force the issue.

How to Have Your Chicago Arrest Record Destroyed

Most people choose to work with a Chicago expungement lawyer who knows the ins and outs of the Illinois justice system. Not everyone is eligible to have their Chicago arrest records destroyed, so your attorney will look at your records and help determine whether you qualify.

Your lawyer will ask a judge to order all involved agencies to destroy your arrest records. If everything goes well, the judge will issue the order and you’ll be home-free. Sometimes the state’s attorney objects to an expungement, but if that happens, your attorney will be there to speak on your behalf.

Why Destroy Your Chicago Arrest Record?

While it’s not fair, many employers, landlords and other people might see your arrest record and hold it against you without even knowing the story behind it. You don’t need that kind of cloud hanging over your head when you’re applying for jobs or trying to find a new place to live (or doing anything else, for that matter).

If you want to see if you’re eligible to have your Chicago arrest record destroyed, call me at (847)920-4540 or contact me online. I’ll be glad to help.