Chicago Criminal Record Expungement

Have you just discovered a negative mark during a criminal record check?  Has a criminal background check revealed a past arrest that you knew about but did not know would negatively affect your job prospects or some other opportunity?

You may be able to expunge your criminal record in Chicago.  Before you begin the process of getting a criminal record expungement, it is important to understand what the criminal justice system does and doesn’t allow in terms of clearing or sealing a criminal record – in Chicago and throughout Illinois.

  • Criminal record expungement means clearing your criminal record.  If your expungement application is successful, your record will be destroyed.
  • Criminal record expungement is only available for arrests, not for convictions.  Only a person who has never been convicted of a criminal offense or a municipal ordinance violation is eligible for criminal background record expungement in Chicago and all of Illinois.  However, there can be exceptions for those with Class 4 Felony drug cases that received a special drug intensive probation.

If your criminal record is sealed, then the general public does not have access to your record.  However, law enforcement agencies will still be able to see your complete criminal record, including any incidents that you have had sealed.

With this information in hand, you may be better able to decide whether to pursue a criminal record expungement, which seals your criminal background record, or if you should consider applying for a formal pardon from the Illinois governor.

An experienced criminal defense attorney can help you through the process of criminal record expungement in Chicago.  Call or email us now for a free consultation regarding clearing your criminal background record.  The Law Offices of Matt Fakhoury processes criminal record expungement applications in Chicago and throughout Cook County.  Please click to call to schedule a free case review.

If you were arrested for a crime in Chicago, Illinois, your case will proceed in the Criminal Court Building located at:

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