Reasons to Clear Your Criminal Record: Housing

Being comfortable in your own home should be one of the most important goals in life.  With the current state of the housing market, now might be the perfect time to rent or even own the home you’ve always wanted.

Landlords routinely run criminal background checks to assess whether you may be a problem tenant. Arrests for Retail Theft and even Drug Possession can cause a Landlord to pass you over.  Criminal charges for Fraud, Theft , or Forgery can prevent a bank from giving  you a mortgage.

Why take the chance of having a potential landlord or loan provider see an old arrest?  Don’t allow that home or apartment to slip away because of a criminal record.

Clean your criminal record by expunging or sealing your case to get that new home or apartment. Contact XpungeChicago – A Division of the Law Offices of M. Fakhoury to get the process started: 847-920-4540