Do I Qualify for Expungement in Illinois?

If you’re like many people, you want to know: Do I qualify for expungement in Illinois?

The good news is that many people do qualify for expungement in Illinois – but only some records and offenses can be cleared from your record. Here’s what you need to know.

Do I Qualify for Expungement in Illinois?

You might qualify for immediate expungement if you were arrested and released with no charges, you were charged and the charges were dropped, or you went to court and the judge found you not guilty. You don’t have to keep any of those things on your criminal record.

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You may also qualify for expungement in several other situations, such as:

  • You were sentenced to supervision, as long as the required waiting period has passed
  • You were sentenced to qualified probation, as long as the waiting period has passed and you completed your probation

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Do I Qualify for Expungement if I Was on Qualified Probation?

Qualified probation (Chapter 20 and “First Offender” probation) may make you eligible for expungement. You have to wait 5 years from the date you completed your probation to apply for expungement.

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What if I Don’t Qualify for Expungement in Illinois?

You can never clear your record of some offenses, such as convictions of domestic violence, DUI (including reckless driving, unless you were convicted before the age of 25) or sex crimes. Those things have to remain on your criminal record.

There are other offenses that won’t qualify for expungement but that will still qualify for criminal record sealing, though. For most people, the best way to learn about clearing a criminal record is to talk to a Chicago expungement and sealing lawyer.

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