Can a Criminal Record Stop You From Getting a Job in Chicago?

If you’re like many people with a criminal record—even if it’s a simple arrest record for something that happened years ago (or even when you were a juvenile)—you’re wondering if your record can stop you from getting a job.

The truth is that it can.

In fact, having a criminal record (even an incredibly simple one with just one thing on it) can stop you from getting a job, getting a loan to purchase a home or getting approval to live in an apartment, or affect you in countless other ways.

How Could a Criminal Record Stop You From Getting a Job?

Many employers in Chicago, Skokie, Rolling Meadows and Schaumburg, as well as in the other suburbs, conduct criminal background checks on potential employees. Your consent to a background check may be required for an offer of employment, which means you have to give the potential employer permission to conduct a background check if you want to be considered for a job.

Some employers can’t hire people with criminal records, such as those in the healthcare or childcare fields; others simply won’t, such as the military or police departments.

What Can You Do if a Criminal Record Prevents You From Getting a Job?

If your criminal record prevents you from getting a job, you may want to talk to a Chicago expungement attorney who can help you clear your record and give you the fresh start you deserve.

Your attorney will ask you for your entire criminal record; if you can’t get it, don’t worry. Your lawyer can conduct a thorough background check to get the documentation he needs.

From there, your lawyer will prepare the petition you need to ask the court to erase your record. If the state’s attorney objects to your expungement, your lawyer will be able to argue your case in front of the judge. The judge will ultimately decide whether you deserve a criminal record expungement, and if he or she grants your request, the law enforcement agencies that have your records will be ordered to destroy them.

If you’re ready to talk to a Chicago expungement lawyer who cares, call us at 847-920-4540 for a free case evaluation. We’re ready to help you get the fresh start you deserve.